Boxpark Croydon

Boxpark, Croydon 

To say I have been salivating at the arrival of Boxpark Croydon is an understatement.  It was a long time coming and before it opened I stopped working in East Croydon, I could have cried but clearly the food gods were looking out for me as I went back to work there in November and my main priority was to get over there and sample the foodie goodness that was on offer.

The concept of Boxpark is great, numerous different eateries housed within shipping containers all under one roof.  A number of them have their own seating area within their outlet however the central area of Boxpark is made up of seating so basically you can visit whatever outlet you want, get your food and sit down and eat.  This gives you the opportunity to buy food from different restaurants, you can get a starter from one, a main from another and if you have the room, a dessert from yet another!  It breaks the boundaries of being confined to the food of one restaurant and I love it.

Since returning to East Croydon I have visited Boxpark on a good few occasions and have eaten from a number of the restaurants there.  On the whole, it has been a good experience and I thought I would set up a space on my blog to provide reviews of each of them.  More information here - Boxpark Croydon

Greek on the Street

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