Saturday 21 September 2019

Tom Yum Soup

Tom Yum Soup
  • 500g organic chicken pho broth
  • 6 lime leaves, bruised
  • 6 coriander stems, bruised
  • 3 tbsp fish sauce
  • 4 tbsp lime juice
  • 1 tsp galangal paste
  • 1 large green chilli, thinly sliced
  • 1 lemongrass stalk, bruised and cut into several pieces
  • 1 tomato, deseeded and cut into small cubes
  • 150g raw king prawns, deveined 
  • Small pinch of fresh coriander, to garnish
Place the chicken broth into a medium sized pan and bring to a slow boil.  Add the galangal, lime leaves, coriander stems and lemongrass, simmer for around 10 minutes, basically we want to infuse the flavours into the broth.  

Add the fish sauce, lime juice, chillies, tomato and prawns to the pan and simmer until the prawns turn pink, divide between two bowls and garnish with the coriander.

We are both lovers of Thai food but it’s not something I have really made before.  We have always had this dish when eating out and love the hot and sour flavour so I thought I would give it a go and boy am I glad I did.  This soup is so flavoursome and has a real kick, definitely something to have when you are getting a cold, it will clear it straight up!  Whilst I have used pho broth you can use a chicken stock cube if you are unable to find the broth, I got mine from Ocado.  In the recipe, when I refer to bruising, basically this means you use the flat of a large chopping knife and bang down, bruising the ingredient.

I can honestly say this was on a par, if not better, than a lot of similar soups we have had in restaurants, you can swap the seafood for chicken or tofu, this is my version, I hope you enjoy.