Thursday 22 December 2016

Greek on the Street

Whilst I have eaten at a number of the restaurants, by far my favourite (so far) has been Greek on the Street, so this is where my Boxpark culinary adventure will begin.

I have had takeout from Greek on the Street 3 times and today went to eat in along with a couple of my friends.  Arriving early I grabbed a table and the waitress came over promptly, after explaining I was waiting for friends she came back with a carafe of water with mint leaves and left me to peruse the menu whilst I waited, this was a nice touch and much appreciated.   
The interior of Greek on the Street is great; funky artwork adorning the counter, olive oil bottles and cans dotted around, it had a good vibe.  I got there just before midday and there were a few other people there, however by the time we left at 1pm the place was packed with customers and a long queue of people ordering take out, definitely a good sign! 

When my friends arrived, after checking out the menu which had plenty to offer, we placed our order.  I opted for the pork belly Greek plate which came with toasted Greek flatbread, spicy feta sauce, tomato and red pepper dip and some salad, for the side I went for the feta fries.  When our orders arrived we were all impressed, well presented and good portions.   
Well, all I can say is I was in heaven, my pork belly was soft and tender and full of flavour, the dips that came with it were a perfect accompaniment and oh my days, feta fries, where have you been all my life!!  
Feta Fries from Greek on the Street 

These slender strips of potato goodness were tossed in dried oregano and topped with crumbled feta, I have never enjoyed chips so much in all my life, these are a must have and enough to make me just want to come back for them alone, but there are enough other tempting dishes on the menu as well so don't worry if you are not a chip fan, you will find something to please the old tastebuds, trust me.

The vibe in Greek on the street was good, busy, noisy (but in a good way) and top notch food and service, I have had several souvlaki wraps previously, the chicken gyros, loukaniko (beef and pork Greek sausage) and halloumi with tzatziki and mixed grilled vegetables, all of which tasted amazing, I really can't wait to try out the other dishes on the menu, there are enough to keep you going for quite a few visits!!!  

I have to say the food is good value for money, my lunch cost £8.95 for the Greek plate including a side, good variety and super tasty, great service and definitely Greek on the Street gets a huge yes from me, you need to pay them a visit, it is just like being on holiday, except you are in Croydon!  

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