Wednesday 3 January 2018

New Years Day Canapés

New Years Day Canapés
Here are a couple of quick and easy canapé ideas, I won't bore you with the smoked salmon blinis recipe as I'm pretty sure most people know how to put these together: shop-bought blinis, smoked salmon, creme fraiche mixed with horseradish and some lumpfish caviar, job done.

For the tuna and cucumber canapés you will need a tin of tuna, drained and mashed in a bowl, add a squeeze of lemon, few grinds of black pepper, small handful of diced red onion, mix well and then add a teaspoon of the mix onto a thick slice of cucumber (it needs to be thick as you don't want a floppy cucumber!).

Given my love of a bit of spice I think next time I may add a few dashes of hot sauce to the tuna mix, liven it up a notch!

I really hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and I would like to thank you all for checking in on A Mouthful Of Mark, here's to another great year ahead of foodie adventures!

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