Tuesday 6 September 2016

Mexican Style Toad In The Hole With Coriander & Chilli Batter

Mexican Style Toad in the Hole

  • For the batter
  • 3 eggs
  • 285ml milk
  • 115g plain flour
  • Pinch of salt
  • Half a large red chilli, remove the seeds and finely chop
  • Handful of finely chopped coriander 
  • 5 Jalapeno & Cheese sausages – these were sourced online from Angus & Oink
  • Kankun Mexican Mole Poblano - visit the Kankun site
Mix the batter ingredients together in a large bowl until smooth.  Heat the oven to 240 degrees.  In a thin baking tin put 1cm/just under ½ inch of rapeseed oil and place this on the middle shelf of the oven (place a tray underneath the tin in order to catch any oil spills) and heat the oil until it is smoking hot.  Add the sausages to the tin (beware of spitting oil) and return to the oven until browned all over.  Pour the batter mixture over the sausages (give the batter a last mix before doing so as the coriander and chilli will have settled in one place in the mixture) and return the tin to the oven and cook for at least 20 minutes, until the batter is crispy and the sausages cooked through.

Whilst the toad is cooking, put a tablespoon of the mole paste into a saucepan and add about 5 tbsp of water and stir over a low heat.  You will need to add more water to this as you go as basically we are using the mole as a gravy to pour over the toad therefore we need a runny consistency.

Once the toad is cooked carefully place it onto a large platter and drizzle with the mole gravy and serve with sides of your choice.  I used a cheats Mexican microwave rice (it saves time ok!) and made esquites, see (put in link) for the recipe.

I hope you enjoy this twist on a British classic.  The mole gravy has a nice chocolatey flavour which goes really well with the coriander and chilli in the batter and combined with the jalapeno hit from the sausages I think it works really well, even if I do say so myself :-)

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