Saturday 22 May 2021

Chicken and chorizo tostadas


Chicken and chorizo tostadas
Chicken and chorizo tostadas

  • Chicken breast cut into bite sized chunks
  • Chorizo sliced and cut into quarters
  • Small flour tortillas
  • Radishes, thinly sliced
  • Diced herbed potatoes (most supermarkets sell these frozen)
  • Fried eggs
  • Avocado
  • Red onion, finely diced
  • 1 tomato, deseeded and cut into small pieces
  • Handful of chopped coriander
  • Hot sauce
  • Salsa verde
  • Lime
  • Rapeseed oil

I haven’t been precise with most of the ingredients as it depends on how many people you are cooking for, I made enough for 6 tostadas so I used half a chorizo ring and two chicken breasts, obviously increase/decrease depending on how many you are feeding.

Firstly we want to make up some pico de gallo to accompany the dish, put the diced onion and tomato into a bowl, the juice of half a lime a splash of hot sauce and half the chopped coriander, stir through and leave to one side.

Cook your potatoes according to packet instructions, usually this takes 20 minutes.  Once they go into the oven, heat the rapeseed oil in a large frying pan (enough to cover the base of the pan and deep enough to cover a tortilla).  Once hot, fry each tortilla until they brown slightly then place in tin foil and leave to one side.  Once the tortillas are done, drain away most of the oil and add the chicken and chorizo and fry until the chicken is cooked through (not much oil is required as the chorizo will release plenty of oil during cooking).  I haven’t added any seasoning to the chicken as you will get plenty of flavour from the chorizo oil however you can add some spices if you wish. 

Once the chicken and chorizo is cooked, remove from the pan and place onto some kitchen roll to soak up any excess oil.  Then crack your eggs into the pan (one for two tostadas) and cook for several minutes until the whites are firm but the yolk remains runny.  Whilst you are cooking the eggs you can assemble your tostadas. 

Place two tortillas onto each plate, top with some of the cooked potato and the chicken and chorizo, top with a fried egg and garnish with the sliced radish with some pico de gallo on the side.  Splash over as much hot sauce and salsa verde as you need, sprinkle over some of the remaining chopped coriander and get stuck in!

As you know, I am all for quick and simple recipes and this definitely fits the bill, packed with flavour and super tasty, hope you enjoy as much as we did. 

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