Sunday 31 March 2019

Chilli Con Carne by The Spicery!

Chilli con carne by The Spicery!
Whilst I enjoy cooking from scratch, as you will know, I am not adverse to the odd cheat or two.  The Spicery are an online company who offer a vast array of different spice mixes, something to suit all tastebuds and styles of cooking.  Whilst you can make ad hoc purchases they also offer a subscription service and each month they will freshly grind and blend the spice mixes, measure them into individual portions and post the spicy goodness direct to your door in a letterbox sized box so no need to be home when it arrives!  The kit includes a colourful recipe which shows you how to make a feast using the spices for that month.  

I had come across The Spicery a couple of years ago whilst looking for some Christmas gift ideas and had purchased a subscription for my sister who thoroughly enjoyed them.  As is always the way, you make a purchase for someone else but then end up regretting not getting something for yourself!  I was therefore pleased to see them on special offer and included a couple with my recent Ocado shop.

Whilst I know how to make chilli con carne, not all recipes are the same so I'm always up for a new experience.  

This mix promised a spice blend for a smoky chilli con carne and boy did it live up to it.  Clear easy instructions to follow, OK, I did make a couple of alterations, I added a pepper which needed using up (I don't like to waste food!) and I also substituted the required water for beef stock which I like to think gave it an even greater depth of flavour.  The house was soon filled with a wonderful spicy aroma which most definitely was a smell of things of things to come!  

I do enjoy a dish with a good kick of heat, that said, whilst this dish did have some heat, it didn't need any more, the smoky flavour made up for it and this recipe was packed full of taste sensations which we both loved, needless to say once served, our plates were quickly cleared!   I served this with rice, homemade guacamole, sour cream and salsa with some corn chips.  The recipe does serve 4 so with the remaining portions I am going to serve them on jacket potatoes and I can't wait.

All in all a spicetastic experience and one I will be repeating, I can't wait to try the goulash spice mix I also got!  Right, I'm off to the website to check out what to order next, if you fancy giving them a go you can find them at

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it Mark - thanks for your review!! Happy spicing!