Tuesday 21 March 2017

Lazeez Lebanese Tapas

Beirut beef burger and fries

I was a bit undecided as to what to have for lunch so headed to Boxpark Croydon for a mooch around to see what took my fancy. 
I had decided to go back to Greek on the Street and get the chicken takeaway box however it was pretty manic in there so I headed off to check out what else was on offer.  Having done a circuit within Boxpark I decided to try out Lazeez who specialize in Lebanese tapas.  
There seemed to be a good choice on offer, a variety of wraps, salads, tapas, soup and the Beirut burger which comes with fries.  Whilst it all sounded very nice I opted for the Beirut beef burger and fries.  Before ordering, the staff member informed me it came with cheese. He said you could get cheese with the chicken option as well, but generally it’s just with the beef option, as it goes better. He asked about what salads I wanted in the burger, by my puzzled look he then said did I want the usual and sauces to which I said yes, it just seemed easier! 

I waited around 15 minutes for my order which when you consider they make it fresh to order is not that long, that said, a few people who placed orders after me got theirs ahead of me!  The guy behind the counter went to hand me an open tub of fries and my burger; given I had ordered takeaway I would have expected the food to be bagged up. I had to ask for a bag at which point the staff member put a lid on the pot of fries and placed them along with the burger into a bag.  
By the time I got back to the office to eat I was starving and looking forward to getting stuck in to my lunch.  This is pretty much where my eager anticipation ended!  There was a decent amount of fries within the tub, however upon opening the burger wrapper I couldn’t help but feel this didn’t quite look like the burger advertised in the restaurant.  On taking the top bun off to inspect the contents I wasn’t quite expecting to see the charred excuse for a burger not to mention no cheese either.  I took one bite of the burger; there is a big difference between chargrilled and carbon,  this kind of reminded me of the burger that gets left on the BBQ and sits there for the duration, neither appetizing in taste or in appearance! 
  I had just paid £8 for this, which to be frank on the basis of what I received I don’t think is good value for money so I decided to take it back as it clearly was inedible.  On returning they did offer to make me another one which I declined as I couldn’t wait a further 15 minutes, they also pointed out that the burger is chargrilled, however I pointed out there is a difference between chargrilled and charcoal which is what the burger resembled!  
I’m not entirely sure if this is the norm or I just got unlucky, I hope it was the latter, if not the promise of “meat cooked over a charcoal grill and sprinkled with herbs to give it natural taste and flavour” is clearly not a true representation of what is actually on offer.           

Just incase anyone feels I am being slightly unfair, I have attached a couple of photographs.  I do hope this is a one off but I can only go by my own experience, sorry if it’s not a true reflection of the usual standard but at the end of the day each burger, wrap or salad should be as good as advertised.  Would I go back? Not in a hurry! Here is my burger and the advert....can you spot the difference?

Beirut Burger from Lazeez

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